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SPS Growth Skyrocketed After Fishes Removed


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As I removed fishes from my DT, I found that many SPS corals had the fastest growth I've ever seen... That's really strange. Maybe because I had too many fish before.


The good news is that both PBT and BT and mandarin are doing pretty good at about 0.45 mg/L Cupramine therapeutic level. The treatment is coming to an end. Fish looked definitely more stressed as Cupramine level increased but I'm happy that PBT got through this and is eating well.


I did not completely follow the instruction. Instead of raising it to 0.25 to the first day I slowed down the speed by 50%. All medicine was dripped slowly. I spent about 5 days to raise the copper level up to 0.50 and I used Seachem 's test kit. Then I decreased the copper level to 0.45 mg/L.


As for nitrifying bacteria, Cupramine did not kill all of them. Water quality is really good. I'm also using a skimmer.


I'm not sure about hyposalinity but Cupramine definitely worked.



I'll stop the treatment and see if any ich would still come out. So far so good.

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