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180 gallon acrylic pentagon tank, custom stand and canopy


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Hey everybody, looking to make a change in my large tank, so I'm gauging interest in my custom made pentagon tank, stand and canopy.


The entire system has been up and running about 7 years.  I'm wanting to go smaller and get a cube, so looking to offer this set-up for someone who wants a furniture quality display.


Here's a picture of the entire system and yours truly:




I'm happy to share specs with anybody who's interested, but generally speaking it is roughly 7 feet tall and 6 feet wide.  


The tank itself has a center corner overflow in the back and is about 60" across the face and 48" from each corner to the back, and is 24" tall.   It's been drilled for a closed loop in which I run an Ampmaster 3000.  The sump is about 30 gallons.  There are some considerable scratches on the face of the display, so anybody buying this system will want to buff them out before restarting the system.


The stand and canopy are made from light oak and have plenty of room for shelf storage on the base, as well as plenty of hanging options for lighting.  I've got a VHO system with icecap ballasts still installed (no bulbs), as I changed over to LEDs a little over 18 months ago.


Here are a few other pictures.








Asking $ 800 for the tank, stand, sump, and canopy.


Thanks for looking,










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I'm re-posting this for sale, as I've had so many things change in my life that this tank is not getting the proper attention it deserves.


It is still up and running for anyone to come see who might be interested.  I'd be inclined to sell the tank, stand, canopy, sump, return pump and closed loop pump for the $ 800 ask, and hold onto the lights, skimmer, calcium reactor, vortechs etc.  Should someone wish to purchase these extra pieces of equipment, please let me know and I'll happily discuss.



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All livestock has been sold.  Tank is empty and waiting for that buyer that wants a complete, unique show piece.  Needs buffing before set up, but otherwise has a tremendous "awe-inspiring" appearance to it.


Pick your own skimmer or go with the Deltec TS1060 I used, add lights (or bulbs) for the VHO system installed.  $ 650 and it's yours.


Reef ready with return pump and closed loop pump.  All plumbing as well.

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