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FS: 110G Glass Tank, Equipment, all livestock


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All the livestock needs to be sold first and then I will be able to sell the equipment. 

Livestock: TAKE All for $450

80lbs Live Rock $200

2-Fire and Ice Clowns Pair for $75

1-clown $15

5-Rose anemones $50-30

Frags of Yellow and Star Polyps or Full rocks Covered

Cleaner Shrimp $10

Blue Polyps Frag $30

Large Clam $75

Green Ricordia $10/each or $60 for entire rock

Red mushroom $50 for entire rock

Urchins $15

Sea Cucumber $15

Hammer Coral $50

Flower Pot Pink Frag auzzi rare $50

LPS $30

Green Zoes Frag $15

Free Turbos to those who buy more than $50 while they last

Total of everthing is $950, buy all for $450 and save $500



Bubble Magnus Curve 7 Skimmer $150

Precision Marine 2 Chamber calcium Reactor with 10lbs tank and elc regulator $300

Aqua Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer $150

XWave Pumps Custom made in rocks $75/each

Aqua Illumination Sol LED Lights $150/each

Aqua Illumination Controller $40

Aqua Illumination Wireless Router for Lights $75

Esopps Es-300 Sump With 6 Socks $150

Pan World External Pump $100

Next Reef MR1 Media Reactor $50

Brand New Hydro Koralia Smart Wave Pump Controller- $55


Tank and Stand $500


Call or text 503-332-4574 for pics or questions

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