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Holiday Sale + Food Drive


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Last year this event was so successful in collecting food for those in need that we decided to bring it back for 2014!




Barrier Reef's 2014 Holiday Season Celebration Sale & Food Drive


December 15th - 19th 10-7

December 20th - 10-6

December 21st - 12-5


Specials Good At Our Brick & Mortar Store In Renton Only - No Rain Checks, Special Orders Or Holds


All Livestock 20% Off - Bring a non-perishable food donation and receive 30% off livestock. Donate 10 items+ and receive 35% off livestock!

Kent Reef Salt 200 Gallon Mix Box $39.99

30% Off Seachem (Salt Excluded)

30% Off Brightwell (Salt Excluded)

10% Off All In-Stock Nano Tanks - Make great gifts!

Every $100 In Gift Certificates Purchased Gets You A $10 Certificate Free! (Cannot be used during the event)

All Books 20% Off - Make great gifts!

Reef Nutrition Foods 20% Off

CaribSea Substrates 30% Off

New Era Dry Foods 30% Off

Spectrum Dry Foods 30% Off

Sicce Pumps 15% Off

Hydor Pumps 30% Off

Jebao Pumps 10% Off

Octopus Skimmers 10% Off

Hikari Frozen/Dry Foods 30% Off

Astraea Snails $.50 Each

Fauna Marin Supplements 20% Off

Red Sea Test Kits & Consumables (Salt Excluded) 20% Off

Seaside DC100 Skimmer $249.99 - 1 Only

Innovative Marine Fusion 10 Tank (No Light) $99.99 - 1 Only

Iwaki 70 RLT $399.99 - 1 Only

GEO 4x18 Calcium Reactor $239.99 - 1 Only

Betta Falls White or Black $39.99

10G Aqueon Aquarium Kit (No Heater) $39.99

Ecoxotic LED Items 50% Off


We will also have holiday music, décor, and refreshments! Come donate to a great cause!

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