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Pair of Tomato Clowns- female is AGGRESSIVE and large


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I have a pair of mated tomato clowns. I am wanting to rehome them, but I am going to be picky about their new home. I was entrusted with them by someone who was in a desperate situation but cared about them dearly. I have tried to figure out another way to keep them myself, but the clowns I already have come first and I can't risk putting them all together in the 75 gallon due to the female's aggressive nature.


THE ISSUE: The tomatoes need a bigger tank than the 30 gallon FOWLR they are in and I need that tank for other fish I have temporarily housed in a sump :(


THE SOLUTION: Tomatoes won't be separated. I can transport in a month or two- or they can be picked up in Coos Bay. I am not making them available on a first come first serve- I will be screening homes to fulfill my obligation to keep them safe and happy.


These two are beautiful and I do like having the diversity, but I can't have FIVE tanks running anymore so I need to consolidate and there's no way to do that with so many clowns to keep separate. The female is a gorgeous dark red and the male is far smaller and a bright vibrant orange-ish red. He is very docile but as I said I will not separate the two. The female is not aggressive to people (like another fish I have, lol) and they are both incredibly fat, healthy, and somewhat happy but need a bigger tank all to themselves clown-wise.


Please pm me or call/text to 541-404-7216.


If I don't reply to pm's give me time, I am a full time student, mom, wife and work lol- so I'm not on here often. Best luck is to try my phone.


Picture was during the summer after I got them. The male is brighter now. (there is an acrylic divider between them and the b&w clown fyi to those who are wondering :) )



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