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Nuvo 8 gallon nano tank


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I decided that this tank is too small for me and since I have my big cube, I am parting ways with it. Overall the tank is in good shape. The return section is drilled (currently plugged/sealed with acrylic) with what appears to be a hole for a 1" bulkhead (?). It came this way when I got it from another reefer on the forum. The black stand that it can sit on is also drilled. The original return pump is with it (95gph I think) and is very quiet. I also added a SpinStream for the return to create some random flow. The light is a CherryAqua iNano LED that I believe uses Cree LEDs. There are 2 channels (daylight, actinic) that you can control the level of brightness. There is no built in timer, so I will include a standard plug in timer with the little tabs to choose times. Also included is a wood stand that is pretty descent looking, but the tank is a pretty tight fit in the tray. There is space underneath if you want to take advantage of the tank being drilled and you can maybe have a little sump under there. I also have an emerald crab that you can have with it. Heater and MagFloat in pics not included.


$200 obo OR will trade/partial trade for acans, montis, or zoanthids.


Will part out too...


Nuvo 8 with stand - $130

CherryAqua LED light and timer - $90


Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be available tonight or pretty much any time next week Mon-Fri (I work weekends). Thanks.


When it was set up










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