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Some corals for sale!


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Time to frag and sell some corals...

2 good sized rainbow monti frags (encrusting) -$30 ea 1 sold, 1 pending

3 pink/purple cyphastrea frags - $15 ea 1 sold, 1 pending

2 minefield cyphastrea frags - $15-20 ea

1 good sized acan enchinata (roughly 2.5"x 2.5")- $30 pending

can frag any of these plating monti's - pink, bright green, green w/purple rim ($10 frags on up)

AOG zoas (depends on how many heads ya want) fragged some, still have some left

Red zoas (look just like Valentines day massacre, but i don't have lineage) -(depends on how many heads ya want)

Nuclear Greens (depends on how many heads ya want)

Green Psammocora

Bright green toadstools (tyree or ORA, I dont remember)- $15

Ponape birdsnest $10

Pagoda cup (large) $35


Discounts if ya want multiple things. Located in Vancouver WA. Should be free the next few days for the most part. Shoot me a text if its easier for ya. 503-931-5760





















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I'm located in salem. I'd really like a frag of green with purple rim monti



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I can definitely frag ya one. Not sure when I will be in Salem next. Probably around Thanksgiving time. Got any trips planned up this way before then? Or are you ok to wait?

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