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Anniversary Sale Online Specials


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The Online Specials for our 8th Anniversary Sale just launched. You can find them here -



-Online-Only Specials Good November 1st Through November 10th-


BRA Ziggy Stardust Montipora $19.99

Astrae Snail $.59

ORA Ant Insignus $39.99

ORA Blue Voodoo $29.99

ORA Pink Stylophora $29.99

ORA Orchid Dottyback $19.99

Purple Pocillopora Frag $24.99

Peppermint Shrimp $3.49

Emerald Crab $2.99

Sustainable Aquatics Fancy Snowflake Ocellaris Clown $29.99

Red Sea Test Kits 20% Off

Salifert Test Kits 20% Off

Elos Test Kits 25% Off

Bubble Magus Curve Protein Skimmers 10%-14% Off

Jebao RW Pumps 10% Off

Jebao DP4 Dosing Pump $98.99

BSI IC Gel Frag Glue $4.99

Barrier Reef's Refractometer $29.99

TMC V2 O3 Ozonizer $229.99

Aqueon Betta Falls $39.99


In store pick up will not be available during the sale for internet orders but it’s alright for after the event.

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