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Looking to relocate some stuff


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Looks like it's time to take my tank down, I thought I could handle more hours at work, my tank and a new puppy but I was wrong. I'm looking to GIVE all the contents of my tank to someone who doesn't have the money to fund this hobby themselves. I will be keeping all my equipment, but the rock, coral, sand and fish (i have 1 royal gramma left) will be donated. I don't want someone who won't take care of this either, if there are any tft people in Eugene I would be willing to donate to them. I would prefer an email over a pm or a reply so I can get back to you faster so email me at Kellyschaefers@gmail.com if you know of anyone or if you are interested. Also, I'll be making sure that the person I'm giving this to actually needs it and isn't just someone looking for free rock and coral so don't be greedy, thanks!

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