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40 breeder, 29 biocube, and misc items for sale


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Getting out of the hobby for now so it all needs to go.


Drilled 40 breeder setup:

This nearly a complete setup that needs lighting and final plumbing.

Tank has never seen water

DIY stand 2x4 frame with oak veneer exterior w/extra oak veneer to make a hood

1" center overflow with bulkhead and overflow box

20 gallon sump with glass for baffles

Reef Octopus 110 skimmer

EcoPlus 1056 return pump

3/4" SCWD

Little Fishes Phosphate reactor and media

Coral life PC fuge/sump light





29 Oceanic biocube:

standard cube with filter chambers modified for skimmer

Aqua C Remora skimmer with MaxiJet1200 pump

Koralia nano powerhead

Rio 6H return pump (350 GPH)

Odyssea HQI 150w - 3 month old bulb

Also have the original PC hood and light fixture





Misc box of goodies:

Partial sheet of egg crate

Misc test kits

Misc supplements & buffer, all at least 1/2 full

Frag plugs, glue, and pliers

Small bag of reef sand

Red slime control





Kent salt

1/3 of 200 gallon bucket



Dried live rock:

There are a ton of really nice pieces that I paid big money for.

Mostly larger pieces

I recently dried them out in the plan for long term storage.





I'm located in Gresham. Thanks!!


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