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Anyone in the Tigard

LC Scott

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I bought it for my 2 gallon pico a while back, before it was a pest tank. Of course, now I say bring on the flatworms! Sadly, their numbers stay in check in the pest tank. Same with the asterina stars. I think the majanos and aiptasia eat them.


Anyhow, I have nearly a full bottle as I only used a couple drops as well.


I'll say this. You had better get them all the first time. I ended up with flatworm resistant flatworms. And thus I had to get a baby sixline, which worked great! And then a 10 gallon tank for the sixline after it cleaned up the flatworms. You know the drill.


I'd probably go for a double or triple dose to start with. (after manually removing as many as possible with a turkey baster).


Sometimes if you're diligent enough, you can get rid of them by sucking them out every time you see one. But that's a pain in the backside.


Maybe pull your rockwork out and treat it outside of the tank in a super heavy concentration? Not like we're talking about treating a 120 gallon tank here.

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The more I think about it' date=' the more I'd suggest pulling the rockwork, if you can, and treat it in a bucket with a powehead and a heater. Maybe do a Coral RX dip as well?[/quote']

That's a good idea I treated a 75 twice first with the written directions and second with lfs directions, first was

Like 15 drops second was more like 45 drops.... worked better second time and left it in longer before doing the water change but still saw then for awhile but low numbers the wrasse took care of them in couple weeks. Wish I would of thought about taking rocks out

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