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Misc stuff for free or frags :)


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Hey All,


As most of you know I have sold the clownhouse and have downsized my fish tank. I was cleaning out the garage and came across a few items that I am pretty much giving away. If you have any frags of anything softie related that could be donated that would be great but other than that come get it. I have set up a 27g cube that is pretty bare and needs some color. Lighting is not a problem as I have the AI nano sol on it but I'm not really interested in any SPS as to be honest with you pristine water is not a super high priority on this tank. Don't get me wrong I still do regular water changes and everything I am just not really into dosing calcium on this tank. Just keeping it simple.


First is a 4x65w power compact fixture. It is a coralife brand but one of the sockets is not any good. The other 3 work fine. Comes with (2)12k &(1) actinic bulb that work.





Next is an old 250w Metal Halide fixture I found at work. It is and older magnetic ballast and socket. Works great if you wanted to DIY something or throw it over a frag tank or something.



Here is a advance 2 lamp T-5 HO ballast. Perfect for a DIY project.



I found these 2 cords. They have the square pin PC caps on them.



Last is a GenX PCX-30 pump. This is in pretty good shape and I would like to get $30 for it.



Let me know if you want any of it.






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