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Help Raising Alk after Drop

Toby Flenderson

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I dose 2 part from BRS in my system and accidentally let the alk solution run out. Over the course of a day my alk dropped from 9 to 6. I used the reef calculator and have been adding extra to get back up to 9 but it doesn't want to go over 8. I decided to give an extra quarter cup dose last night and after 15 minutes the water was so milky you could not see tough it. Checked this morning and everything's fine but there is a white hard film on all the glass surfaces. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Agreed. But I think that me over dosing alk is what caused the precipitation. I just don't know how to balance everything out.


Its the carbonate that is the issue. Bicarbonate wont do that. Use majority of bicarbonate to do the increase and use a little carbonate to keep the pH stable (bicarbonate will lower it maybe .1-.2 pH points but a little carbonate will bump it back up)

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Man, busy day. Needless to say i never made it to Saltwater fanta seas, let alone lunch. Anyway im certain the alk test is correct because im have 2 differnt bottles i tested from. Both are about an 1/8th full. Now that the tank has had time to stabilize i will test when i get home. Another factor is that its been awhile since i adjusted my doser. I should run bank 3 in a cup at the same schedule and see exactly how many ml of solution im pumping in the tank.

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