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Height for 250w halides over 30 breeder???


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Finally got my bulbs from fleabay and I built a half *** wood stand to get an idea on height. I will make a nice aluminum hood after I figure out what height everything should be. Upgraded from a 175 to two 250w over my 30 breeder frag tank. The bulbs are at 13" right now from water. What height is optimal on this size tank? Thanks and here is a pic of it now... Don't talk ish about my hood. lol


This was about 3 min after bulbs were on, it is much brighter now.



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Yeah i got a lumen reflector with bat wings i fear a bulb getting wet but ive personally never have had it happen


Yeah that's why I was thinking at the least 9 Inches, especialy because it's a frag tank and i'll be in it more often than a display. Thanks everyone for the input.

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