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Sump/Refugium Ideas


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Yeah another thread haha hopefully i can keep up with all of them but wanting to get all my questions out there before i forget. So im wondering how to make the best sump/refugium out of a 30gal tank. The last sump i made was a 45gal long and cant use that so trying to sell that pm me if interested ok back to topic and the 45 was good but i want better was wondering if the first section being dedicated to skimmer and filter sock then 3 baffles bubble trap (what would you reccomend for distance between baffles) and then put the return pumps next section then last separated by baffle a refugium now my main questions are can this work of course and is it going to be difficult to keep water levels steady in sump and should i use a glass baffle that completely separates the 2 and 3 sections or make the glass wall only tall enough to keep the sand bed in refugium in the 3 section and then use mesh or something to let the water flow freely with keeping the macro algaes in the 3 section also im thinking of making one of those algae scrubbers that santi monica is talking about in that newer thread if i do where should i put it in the 2 or 3 section ok thats more than enough sorry im bored and have too much on my mind thanks for all the help

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