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DIY AirStone Skimmer


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Followed along on Reef Frontiers with mojo and the others on building an air stone skimmer. So my design I used an acrylic tube that is 12" dia and about 52" tall without the mixing box.


Still far from being finished but it'll out perform those cone skimmers and should never clog. That's a Boss Hogg ceramic air stone, it's huge


and will be fed by this air pump



that runs on 80 watt's and the skimmer will be fed by a maxijet 1200


Well, it's been a while, but finally heated up a piece of acrylic for my little cone that leads to the neck and the cup,

The collection cup is "built" into the skimmer, just need to add a UniSeal for the drain


Boss Hogg air stone, not sitting on the rack


That white metal is a 4' shop light




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