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Why I feel the way I do about OIAB


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Well since there still seems to be chatter this is the only "right" way of addressing the issue. Not even sure where to start. Let's see for all of you thinking that I'm an OIAB hater I'm not. I was their biggest fan. Just look at all of these posts that I've made about them:












Well these are just a few of the posts that I could find to at least validate my proof of being a cheerleader for those of you that are new to the forums. You may be asking yourself why would I speak so negatively about the shop now. Well long story short I sent them a decent amount of business either from my store or suggesting the site online here. It started out great. I even spent an entire day driving to southern Oregon just so they could get their invert tanks for the shop. Sure I got a couple dollars worth of livestock for the troubles and I thought it was going to be a great relationship of helping each other out. I would go down there on my days off and chat, even bag fish for his customers even though I don't work there and never did. Lots of late nights getting yelled at by the wife before they even opened up the shop just trying to help out if needed. I would help him out, my wife even occasionally stopped at a store and grabbed him food. I thought things were going just fine. I spent a decent amount of money at the store so just like any other person I would figure there would be an occasional deal. I wasn't getting anything too crazy priced so if you hear otherwise it's false. I promise you I sent him more business than I ever would have gotten value out of it, that's for sure. So the story unfolds when I broke down my 120 gallon tank and setup the 240 gallon tank. I found a seller in Hawaii that was selling some fish at very deep discounts. I even asked Cos if he wanted to get in on the buy because it was cheaper than his pricing at the time for the fish. He seemed a little pissed that I would have offered up to help them out. I went ahead with my purchase and was very happy with it. There was a specific fish at OIAB that I had been interested in for a decent amount of time a mystery wrasse. I asked Cos what kind of a price he had on it and his response was "I'm not going to give you a price, why don't you ask your buddy down in Hawaii to get it for you, all your going to do is get it from him anyways." So after that response I could tell that he was bothered that I decided to do some business away from his store. Am I stuck at one store? Was the fish in Hawaii? I was asking about a product in his store. I had a few other run-ins with him as well. but this was the final straw.


I drive to The Premium Aquarium just to get snails. That tells you how much this bothered me. I'm not going to get into the "other" issues that I know about how he runs, but will just continue to state that I will personally not shop there anymore and I will not recommend his location anymore either. I just wish that Robert was still there. I wouldn't beat them up on pricing, I do the same thing as I do now. I ask about a price and if I don't like it, I don't buy it. He speaks so poorly about the forum to begin with and told me numerous times that he doesn't care about the business he get's from this site. I'm sure times have changed and he has changed as well and I truly hope that he has but I still will spend more money elsewhere due to this.


Just to add some clarification on the matter this had nothing to do with "getting a deal". it was about asking a price for a product and him refusing to give me a price for it, stating that I would just buy it from my "buddy" in Hawaii.


Cos if your reading this, I have no hard feelings for you personally I just won't do business with you again. I'm pretty sure you know that already anyways.


Additional info:


I also want to state that with most of the people I have sent to the shop they have either been taken advantage of in one way or another or sold faulty equipment. If I'm going to place my name on a recommendation to a place I won't suggest a place that won't stand behind their products. I was sold items that were not needed many times while asking questions before my purchases. I do know of at least one person here on the forums that was sold a faulty item and I was messaged about it even though I didn't work there. I feel terrible when I suggest a place in good faith and they take advantage of new people. Again this may have changed but this is some of my reason's why.

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Just stole this from another thread so I don't get a bunch of other posts.




Before people not involved in this transaction are tempted to chime on please remember the rules for negative feedback. Only OIAB is allowed to respond.


In an effort to keep this forum from being a rants and raves section a few new rules will now be enforced.


1. A forum user may leave feedback that is either positive or negative as long as the feedback sights a specific example. You can't simple post "XXXXX Sucks" or "XXXXX Rules".


2. In the case of negative feedback, the member or vendor will then have a chance to explain their side of the situation.


3. In the case of negative feedback, each party involved in the disagreement has one opportunity to state their case.


4. In the case of negative feedback, the thread will be closed after both parties have made their case.


5. In the case of negative feedback, any post made by anyone other than the original two parties involved will be deleted without question or warning.

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The Moderation team would like to address the 9 posts that were just removed.


Please respect the site rules. Failure to do so and this thread will just go away.


We all know the rules, Noob was nice enough to post them. Now we can all show respect for the club and the process by adhering.



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