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One tank or two for the sump?

Hog Head

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Time and finances are telling me that I need to downsize to one tank. The 48x24x30 150 gal tank that I was going to dedicate to nems/softies, is now being considered as a sump for the larger 210g display tank instead of two 75g tanks. Would this be too much for a sump/fuge? It would fit in the garage easier than the two 75's. The only thing I am worried about is the 30" depth of the 150g. What do you all think?

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That would be a large ish sump it'll work out just keep the baffles around 12" or so and you'll have a lot of overhead (water draining back to the sump when pump is turned off)


Ther shouldnt be excessive water going back to the tank if the pump shuts down, at least I dont think there will be. The 210 has built in overflows and the sump/s will be in the garage. The two 75's would be easier to maintain, they would be side by side, but would stick out 3' from the garage wall as the 150 only 24" but much deeper.

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