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Klien Mt. Bike


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I hate to do this but I never get a chance to ride this bike and I could really use the cash at the moment. Anyways this is one sweet ride!!! The front fork was bent in an accident so this bike is probably not up to serious downhill but it makes a perfect commuter. I have gone at least 35 mph on this bike and the fork was not an issue. The bike is outfitted with road tred tires so it is ready for the street. It does need a tune up, currently it ghost shifts. That is about the extent of my knowledge regarding the bike, I only road it twice. Oh ya I do know my friends father payed over 1,200 for it new. I am hoping it will sell fast so I'm asking $200


P.S. it does have dings and scratches/chips in the paint


Here are the pics :)






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