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Particles in water?


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Ok so I'm outside smoking a ciggy, When I come in I notice all these clearish white things being thrown around in my tank. I'm like :eek:..... Upon further viewing I notice these things have legs and look like baby shrimp. I Just got this peppermint shrimp 3 days ago. And now this lol.... First its the nem split. Then my Duncan closed, and open to be sprouting new heads, now this shrimp is giving birth. Is a sign my tank is doing really good, or everythings last ditch effort.



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Thats so cool' date=' how did you catch that on video, amazing.[/quote']


Absolute dumb luck. I walked by the tank and noticed something floating around... maybe one or two baby shrimp here and there. So I took a look at my cleaner shrimp and one of them had a really swollen clutch of eggs and was noticeably acting different. So I grabbed my phone and started shooting some short videos of her behavior and after about 5 minutes of shooting videos it happened. Pretty darn lucky to capture the moment on video. All of the babies were consumed by the corals and fish in about 1/2 hour.

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