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So I was playing around in Inventor and designed a tank and sump that I think would be nice to have one day..... just thought I would share with you all. Tank is 225 gal... And the sump is 120 gal I think. but with the water levels I designed probably 75 gal sump. I think this would be a pretty sweet reef. Now if the wife would just let me have it made...(wife)... One day. Oh and if any of you have an idea and would like it rendered like this I would love to do it for you. Later I will add in all the plumbing and share with you. If you have any design tips feel free to tell me, I don't know the first thing about sump design. I have just seen a lot of pictures. I would like to have one end of the stand open and the entire sump on a steel plate that is able to roll out making maintenance easier.














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