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pacific coast imports PS-400P skimmer for sale- Redmond 50.00 other misc.


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Well have this large skimmer minus the gen-x pump. its about 25" tall and 6" diameter. has a small crack at bottom that was repaired. I use its little brother and it skims well. have no use for this so looking for 50.00 or trade for something i could use. larger Koralias, ATO, larger sump for my 150,.

the skimmer uses a gen-x 4100 pump, i saw Jeffsme was selling one recently so whoever picked it up heres a matcing skimmer for it! LOL. prefer not to ship as its large but willing to as i do have some large fish shipping boxes.

I also have a nano cube 28 HQI hood minus the MH ballast. if somone is into replacing the ballast or gutting for a LED retro. hood comes with 15k 150w bulb 2x18w actinic pc and moon lights. make offer


10 gal acrylic cut corner front with black back and base, tanks drilled with upper left drain and upper right return-20.00


homemade glass 20gal refugium/sump-20.00

this was a QT/holding tank i tore down.


20gal high tank-15.00

10gal black back with hood-10.00

5.5 gal black back -5.00

20gal long new but back glass cracked was siliconed good for terrium-10.00

29gal with furniture grade oak stand and canopy, will fit 20L,29 or 37 gallon tanks-80.00

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