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FS: Acan's, Zoas, and equipment.....


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Need a few things for the seahorses again and need some coin. I will be in and out of the house today and work all weekend long but we can setup a time to meetup.




Tunze 9002 Skimmer (pending sale)

Workhorse 7 ballast $20

Fluval Edge 6 gallon tank SOLD


Zoa Pkg:


Hawaiian Zoas: 6 adult polyps 2 babies $30



True Armageddon Zoas: 6 polyps $30


$45 for both


These are staying at 1 polyp in my tank and have had them for a few months now. I'm thinking it's time to pass them off to someone else that might have better growth in their tank. I'm moving more and more into SPS and just don't need any acans at the moment. (I'm sure I will be back with more again someday but the ones that are not attached to rocks are going). I'm borrowing the pictures from when I first purchased them as I'm still working on my camera skills so I would like to thank Kim for her great photography on these acans.


Asking $70 obo for the 2 frags (I have $85 into them and you can verify that on the forums here) Pending


First up is the TECO Rainbow acan that I won during an auction for TFT a few months back



Second is a single polyp of the next rainbow acan from a group buy a few months back as well



Harlequin Shrimp if I can find him again $25 (picture was taken a few days ago but it hasn't shown back up in the tank) Pending


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Im interested in the harlaquin but I don't know much about them.


As long as you have asternia stars you will be fine. Otherwise you will need to feed it a chocolate chip star or a linkia. If you have a sump you can keep the main body in the sump and just cut off a leg of the star every now and again and let it regenerate. I just can't break myself to doing it, well that and I don't have a sump..LOL

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That's not your pic then' date=' that's the original one from group buy? I was getting really jealous! It is a slow grower for me too, mine is still caged up d/t my CB Angel (devil)[/quote']


You can tell pretty easily which pictures are mine and which ones are kims...DOH! I wish I had that kind of growth on it.


C'mon sissy' date=' torture those stars. LOL j/k. Just kidding, I couldn't do it either; and if the wife found out I might end up in the sump. ;)[/quote']


I could do it to a chocolate chip star but not a linkia. They are just way to pretty to destroy..(laugh)

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You can tell pretty easily which pictures are mine and which ones are kims...DOH! I wish I had that kind of growth on it.



I was going to say, that had to be kims picture, one sweet camera! This hobby (cough cough) addiction is expensive on so many levels.


I keep saying in going to get a macro lense but always find something else i want instead. Lol


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Most everything is pending at the moment. Still have the workhorse ballast and zoas.


If I don't hear back from the buyers by tonight everything will go back up for sale unless I have been contacted from others on the items.


Please Respond to your PM's. I will not hold items unless they are paid for. I've been too nice in the past and have lost out on sales due to this.


Thanks for understanding. :)

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