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Wtb: Nano Setup


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Been out of the hobby for a couple years. Lost my whole setup due to some hard feelings and misunderstandings from the shop I was involved with. Also forgot my password and username for here. But, I feel the call again....


Looking for something 10-40g. Would prefer a full setup if available; excluding livestock. I don't know what the new all-in-one nano tanks are like or if they are decent. Recomendations would be appreciated as I haven't been involved in the hobby since 07.



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I have a 30 gal fully custom tank, comes with black stand with matching canopy with blue led night lights 250 watt metal halide with brand new 20k XM bulb. Also perfect working 1/10 chiller cl 280 pci

there is a reef keeper 2 with temp and PH. There is a brand new Titanium heater and a glass sump with sock, has a wave maker and a nice return pump, there is a aqua c remora pro skimmer too. tank has a cool foam background.

asking 600 or best offer

Josh- (503)933-7745


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