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Could use some advice wrt IDing and getting rid of parasites


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I have been out of the hobby for years, and bought an established tank to get back into the hobby. 55 gallon tank inhabited by a really ill-tempered Maroon clown, lawnmower blenny, a HUGE brittle star named Lurch, a few hermits a bunch of snails and a couple of peppermint shrimp. I have red mushrooms, a large green cup mushroom and a beautiful rose bubble anemone.


I have a sand bottom (well, I don't but the tank does (laugh)). I also have bristleworms, a bunch of Aiptasias, unidentified wormy-like white and green things all over the rocks and an anemone that I don't know if it's a "good" anemone or a majano. (pics below).


I figured I would leverage the impressive knowledge base I've seen to figure out, 1 - what all is infesting my tank, and 2 - the best ways to get rid of it. The pics are kinda crappy but I suck at photography... it isn't the equipment, it's me ~


I'm going to be getting more hermits and a couple more peppermints and physically removing the largest of the Aiptasias so they don't harm the shrimp... I have looked into getting a butterfly fish but don't know if I want to chance it nipping on Rosie... Is there a butterfly that isn't too delicate and would chomp the Aiptasia but would leave the Rose-bubble and the corals alone? Also - what could get rid of the bristleworms or should I just trap them or just leave them be? I've only seen a couple.


Sorry for the basic questions, but there is a lot of conflicting info. out there, and I never had to deal with these pests in my old tank as I started it from ground up and set it up from after-cycle with animals I was directed to by an experienced aquarist. I wish I still had that tank, but when we moved to WA from ND we couldn't bring it.


Mystery anemone:



Weird white wormy/plant things stuck on the rocks and green wormy/plant thingy on rocks:




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You might just be happier to find a store that will house your critters so you can bake the rock and start over with no pests.


If not get the Peppermint shrimp and go after the big ones like you said. Leave the poor brittle worms as there really good not bad. The worms might be Vermicelli (not sure thats right word) snails that put out silk like web to feed.


But you see what you got. If you think you can make it work and be happy with it, then you have what sounds like a established tank.

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