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Comcast router and Apex aquacontroller


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Will be getting our APEX soon and since we have Comcast for internet - will be needing some pointers on getting the APEX up on the internet.


In anticipation on getting the APEX wireless I have a Linksys WRT54GS that will be our wireless adapter using dd-wrt, set-up a GMX email acct, diy break-out box for float switches and that rounds it up.


So LMK so we can start picking your brains for help DOH!

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I just got finished going wireless on my Apex. Previously I had it hardwired, but I moved it to another room, so I had to get another router and setup a wireless bridge. (Im running 2 Lynksys E2000 routers with Tomato firmware.). I'm no networking whiz, but it was pretty easy. I'm sure you wont have any issues.

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