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Major Props for Barrier Reef Aquariums in Renton ~


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I found Barrier Reef on the site and went in because I needed a new heater and ended up with a go-to place for all things aquatic.


I am getting back into the hobby after a 15 year hiatus, and after purchasing an established aquarium and moving it this past weekend, I stopped in to replace the heater with a digital titanium model - I spoke with Jeff about our future plans for the tank, and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful he is. He took the time to explain a sump setup (we currently have a multi-filter with a built in skimmer but are planning on upgrading to a 72 bowfront)and what we will need to set the upgraded system properly. I now have a much better grasp on the modern technology available for this hobby, although I'm likely to call or stop in again prior to the upgrade to ask more questions.


He also took the time to consult with me about what would be compatible with our current residents (and more importantly, what would not be - we have a rather large, agressive spinecheek maroon clown that will somewhat limit our options as to livestock).


He asked how the tank move went and cautioned me what to look for and test often, etc. Just a great experience and I was really impressed with how knowledgeable he and the rest of your staff are.


I went back a couple of days later for some RO water, and not only did Jeff remember who I was, but asked how the tank was doing. Great customer service ~


I went back this past weekend and although Jeff wasn't there, the customer service remained top-notch as well as the advice. Ended up picking up some Astraea snails and a couple of peppermints to wage the good fight with those pesky Aiptasias.


Stellar customer service - beautiful setups, fantastic stock and good prices. A+ (clap)


I will definitely be a regular customer

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Well I will go ahead and piggyback on your major props to Barrier Reef Aquariums. I had an issue with a fish awhile back that I had gotten from them during their 5th anniversary sale. When I messaged Cy on another forum he was understanding about what happened as it wasn't a cheap fish (Achilles Tang). He could have just told me too bad you bought it you know the risks of the saltwater hobby but he chose to offer up a credit for the fish. Well I finally got around to using that credit this last week and not only did he ship my Reefkeeper ALC module he also added something that my mom had won at his raffle during the 5th anniversary sale. Top notch customer service for sure. I know that most of us are used to the stores down south here but by all means you really need to check out Cy's shop if you haven't yet.

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