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Rare designer monti frags

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So my orangespot file is doing great but because of its feeding, the levels are elivated above what my montis would prefer so I'm looking to get rid of the frags before There is ill effects....


I know most will want pics, but figured since everyone knows what they look like maybe I can get some interest.


Sunrise undata 2 frags $40ea.

Billy's ultimate undata $30

Reverse Superman $35

Strawberry fields (super rare, bright red base green polyps) $45

Jokerstar (purplebase yellow polyps) $35

La Lakers (yellow base purple polyps) $40

Mystic $40

Superman $35

Aquaman (bright blue base yellow/green polyps) huge 2" frag $50

Northern lights monti $30

Seasons greetings $35



All frags are. .5" or bigger


I also have two colonies That have gone brown but I think have the potential to color up to poker stars (its what they were when I got them) They are 5x5+ $25 each?


ALright, I tried to take some pics, but placement in the tank made it super difficult for most, I was able to get a couple...but I took the images from the places where I bought them from, so you can see them...I will give credit to the sites...Also, please forgive photobucket and their terrible color space they use...I will need to loo into that...


One of the reverse sunsets...(I have two) this photo does not do it justice, super bright green with neon orange polyps



Gilbert Grape (reef exotic site)



aquaman (reef exotic site)



nothern lights (reef pets, on ebay)



billys ultimate (reef exotic)



jokerstar this photo does not do it justice either, super purple and neon yellow polyps...



really looking to get rid of these...

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Is the filefish really that cool? Your making me want to try one; what are you feeding and how often?


Sorry for de railing your thread but hey FREE BUMP :)


they are that cool, but unless you are willing to work with it and watch over it more then a newborn, then it might be something to consider, but i would spend some hours reading up on the high.maitence and requirements of this fish. its not easy at all. plus there is a failire rate of them not living long. i will be picking up one or two more after i get back from vacation, probably 2 more females.


but he is eating cycolpeez and flake.


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