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Bryopsis in new 210


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I started with dead rock, been dead for at least a year, dead carribsea sand, in a brand new 210 with a 125 sump. I was hoping to get the tank to cycle before moving my livestock from a jam packed 90 gal mixed reef. I added a diversity pack from Garf to get it cycling and a handful of fish (chromis/firefish). While waiting for it to cycle I finally got the brown slime beginning to form, when I noticed bryopsis also beginning to form. (banging my head against the wall) I realized that it must have come in via the chaeto algae. Here's the question, if I add Tech M now during it's first cycle does anyone foresee any ill affects? I was thinking that I would raise it to 1800 or so, and add some mexicans. Not the way that I wanted this to start out.[ATTACH]12161[/ATTACH]


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I don't think the chaeto will make any difference either way, just slowly raise your Mg and hold it there. I kept mine elevated for over a month after the last signs of bryopsis disappeared in my last tank "just to be sure".


As an aside, I noted lethargy in my inverts, especially my urchin and snails, when I raised my Mg but they all seemed to have fully recovered after the levels dropped.


And maybe it did come from the chaeto, but honestly, the "spores" can come in on anything- even the snails.



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I would venture a guess that the bryopsis came from the Rick or otherwise....not likely from the chaeto, the are completely different types of algae.


I have seen Rock dry for a year, soaked in bleach, grow bryopsis or valonia algae in te first month if cycle.


Raise Mg, use phosphate absorbers, carbon, etc.


Bryopsis will only thrive if the nutrients are present...

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