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40 Gallon Breeder Sump

The Professor

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I got a 40 G Breeder sump to replace my 20 G sump. I needed more room for a Protein Skimmer and other things. In this new sump I am going to have the Protein Skimmer and the water coming from the display tank's overflow in the first compartment. I have a bubble trap right after that to get the micro-bubbles out of the water. (I am also going to keep my water flow moderate) In the second compartment I will have the return pump and heaters. I am going to split the return water off and have it go into a refugium that over flows into the center section.


Here is a pic of the 20 G...




Here is a pic of the new 40 G Breeder...



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Looks nice' date=' good job.... Do you have it on line yet?[/quote']

Yup, its online except for the refugium because i don't have enough water. I am making more saltwater right now.


Here are some pics...

In the far right compartment I have RODI water dripping that I will add salt to.







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