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Question on Sand


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so I've had my tank running for about 2 years, originally I put in crushed coral and had about 1 1/2 inches??? maybe less, well now it's only about 1/2 inch deep. was doing some research and seen that this sand kinda of dissolves over time...So I need some help on getting sand and a good type. was thinking I could get some used sugar sand, rinse it good and place a few cups at a time without causing a spike.



thoughts, and suggestions...



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HH' date=' just wondering are going to place sea floor grade over the top or are you going to remove the current sand bed? if your going to remove it how?[/quote']


I am going to mix some of the existing sand with the new in the new 210 to seed the new sand and put the rest in the fuge. I have been told it is not such a good thing to just put the new sand on top of the old. I will move the sand last after all critters, coral and rock have been removed. I plan on just scooping up the old and putting it in the new tank then mix the new sand with it. About 75% or more of the sand in the display will be Sea floor grade. The 150 will have a new sand bed consisting of 100% sea floor grade. That is where the Maroon will be living and she is my biggest mover of sand.

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