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T5 Light Fixture Height


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I have a Tek 6 lamp T5 light hanging above my 90G. How high are you guys hanging your fixtures above the water level? I'm asking because it seems my SPS near the top are looking a bit pale. Right now it is about 6" above the water.


My water just tested:

Ca 425

Alk 8.5

Mag 1350

Nitrates and Phosphates are not registering on my test kits.

Ph is 8.15 to 8.25

SG is 1.024

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4 ati blue plus, a purple plus, and a ge 6500k. I may be worried about nothing. My coral are all small frags so it may take a few months to grow out and color up?


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Yah they do take some time to get their color when they are fresh cut frags to begin with. You might look at bringing your SG up to 35ppt, you are a little low there.

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