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My tanks are stuffed to the brim, literally!!! Specials to help me clear some of it!

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Hey everyone!!!


I just got a ton of great stuff in from around the world and from a couple of tank breakdowns! There is so much here that I don't even have enough room for my next order. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of rocks ranging in size from rubble to 40lbers that are covered in different corals. They are great for adding some mature rock that already have coral on them to your tank. I will be making special deals until I feel that I have cleared enough space to give me some room for the next order.


If you are in the market for some live rock, I have a ton(literally) of great looking pieces. 95% of it is well established rock and much of it has come from mature tanks. Really great stuff with tons of shape and porosity too as well as great looking coraline.


Some of the critters that are fresh in this week(tons more in as well)


-Solaris Fairy wrasses

-Filamented Flasher wrasses

-Carpenters Flasher wrasses

-Blue Sided Fairy wrasses

-McCoskeri Fairy wrasses

-Green Chromis

-Aussie Dragon Faced Pipes

-Indian Ocean Orange Leg Hermits

-Electric Blue Leg Hermits

-White Trochus Snails(One of the best cleaners you can buy)

-Red Banded Trochus Snails(One of the best cleaners you can buy)

-Bumblebee Snails

-Astrea Snails(tons!)

-Skunk Cleaner Shrimp(many sizes and great prices!)

-Sexy Shrimp

-Harlequin Shrimp Pair

-Anemone Shrimp

-Anemone Crabs

-Pom Pom Crabs(one left! David, yours is on hold :) )

-Emeralds Crabs

-Peppermint Shrimp

-Gold, Purple, and Standard Coral Banded Shrimp

-Tiger Tail Cucumbers(amazing sand sifters and reproduce in captivity!)

-Sand Sifting Stars

-Yellow tangs(several that have been here for some time)

-Assorted Fancy Damsel Varieties(including talbots, yellow belly blues, royls, etc.)

-Tons of Ricordea Florida and Ricordea Yuma in every color of the rainbow and at great prices!!(tank raised and hand selected for their brilliance and by one of our members)

-3 Dozen new coral colonies in from Bali and Vietnam as well as several dozen in from tank tear downs!!




Come grab some goodies!!!



Mention these offers and get:


Spend $50 or more on coral and get a free bag of frag discs, plugs, or rocks!!!


Spend $100 or more on coral and get a free bag of frag discs, plugs, or rocks plus get 10% off of your livestock purchases!!


Purchase 25lbs+ of live rock and get 10% off


Purchase 50lbs+ and get 15% off!


Purchase 100lbs+ and get 20% off!!


Purchase 200lbs+ and get 25% off!!!



Plus use your Frequent Buyers card to earn even more back on your livestock purchases!!!






This is a great time to grab a few things for the tank or just fill the tank up. There is a ton of nicely matured corals as well as new corals in. There are a bunch of corals in the $1-$10 price range. There are many stunning show pieces available including corals from about every place corals are collected and shipped from.



Lots of foods, salts, chemicals, and other supplies avialable.




Come by and see us!! If our regular hours wont work, make an appointment for a time that works for you.



Regular Hours:


Tuesday through Saturday 12pm-6pm

Mondays by appointment




5054 Commercial St. SE

Salem OR 97302

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If anyone from Eugene is headed up to Garretts place today, I have a Yellow tang at the shop that could use a ride down. I'd be willing to toss in a few bucks for gas for the trouble. Can't do it tomorrow, as I have an all day class to attend.

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I think I'm going to drive up there at about noon. I can grab it for you.


You rock Micah!! I'll pm you my contact info and address. Oh wait, you were just here a few weeks ago and already have it. Just give me a call when you are headed my way. Thanks!!!!

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Just had to say thanks! Once again the quality exceeds my expectations. Awesome fish!!

Thanks Garrett. And thanks Micah for playing taxi. I greatly appreciate it.

Here's a pic. For the record, both of these fish came from Garrett.(rock2)



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Just thought I would throw my two cents in here. If there is anyone on here that lives in the area and has not stopped by this shop, THEY NEED TO! I gotta say I was very impressed with the quality of the shop as well as the expertise of Garrett. Great experience, good prices, and really nice corals.(clap)

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Thought I'd post what I got yesterday to show the quality of stuff he's got in right now. (It's a rainbow wellsophyllia for those who don't know)

I also got a McCosker's/Carpenter's wrasse hybrid (SWEET fish, unfortunately he's living in my overflow DOH! until my 6-line is trapped), and a small purple digi frag.

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