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ready for a gew corsls after my husbands big coral kill off!


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I'm sure some of you read my post at the end of August where I told you about my Father passing away in July in KS and how I spent the entire summer at home there and how my husband managed to kill every last coral in my little nano that I had just gotten looking great, running great and with some awesome new corals.....the only things that didn't die were the 2 superfish....a firefish and a little damsel....


Well, I've been working hard at getting it back in share and it is ready for occupation again...



Just wondering if anyone has any "spare" LPS they would like to sell....I have recently added a brain, a frogspawn and a lobo....so if anyone had anything else LPS wise to sell let me know. This is just a little nano, so nothing too huge...


On a side note, my hubby must have felt really badly about killing everything, cuz when I got back from KS he had actually started tearing out the wall we need to reconstruct in order for me to set up my new 120 gallon....lol...


So let me know if you have anything...the things that died were an awesome huge red acan colony....a frogspawn, a hammer, a bubble, 2 small RBTAs, a beautiful red/green brain.....

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