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Something is seriously wrong with my equipment.


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My skimmer just over activated and overfilled, I have no idea why. I added some ro water to my ato bucket because it was empty and the water level was down about an inch in my pump chamber. Then I replaced the filter sock 10 minutes before, nothing else. (No, I don't clean the socks with soap, just high pressured water.)

Then I checked out the pH on my RKL on a whim and it showed 7.06!!! I did an API test and it showed to normal range for my tank (right around 8.0). So I tried to recalibrate my probe, pH 7 solution showed the normal "raw data" (about 1690), then I put it in the pH 10 solution and the raw data numbers went up. It normally goes down into the low hundreds.


I seriously have no idea what's going on.

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usually if equipment is bad it will start showing signs rather quickly, if not immediately. If you make 100,000 of something you're doing pretty good if 90,000 of them are perfect from the get go. I would contact the manufacturer about a replacement.


That is if h2odvl's experience is different from yours.

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