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Please critique my plan


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Please critique my plan & add any suggestions. I'll start at the beginning. One of my tanks is a 29 gal Bio Cube. I had wannareef build me a sump (beautiful sump!!!) Here's where I need input (part 1) I'm going to drill the back for bulkheads and my plan is to take the fish (3) & shrimp (1) and some rock and move to my 10 gal Q/T tank (using water from the cube) then move the remaining rock and coral to a bucket with a powerhead & a heater, then drain the water level in the cube down to about 2 inches above the sand. At that point I should be able to pivot the stand around to gain access to the back of the cube. I'm planning on drilling it upright, so I am thinking I will maybe duct tape some plastic sheeting to the inside of the middle chamber (where I'll be drilling) so as to catch as chard's of glass while I have my wife also manning the shop vac on the inside of the chamber (she's not been informed of this part yet) my thoughts are I don't want to disturb the sand bed & cause a cycle, so as I see it it will have to be drilled upright(shouldn't be too big a deal just keep the hole saw wet with a squirt bottle) Input part 2) As far as a return pump I'm leaning towards a Quiet One 4000. I will be pumping the return through a chiller & have a head of about 3 or 4 feet. The chiller GPM is 500 to 800 GPM. Anyway that's my thoughts, any input? Mike

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