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Dip, Not Copenhagen... Free six pack!


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Just purchased a couple new frags and realized I'm out of dip, and now everyone is closed... Is it safe to do a freshwater dip on all corals? Or is there something else I can dip them in that will reduce the chance of critters? best case would be if there is someone in vancouver that has some dip I could get tonight! I'll pay you enough for a whole new bottle plus a six pack of your choice. Let me know, thanks

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I wouldn't risk the fw dip on anything but softies, no lps or sps. If I was closer you could have the last of my bottle of dip. How bout putting the frags in a small container with a bit of flow and floating them to maintain temp till you can do a dip.




I picked this thing up at a food service place, the nice thing is that it fits into the corners of the tank real good and its really easy to hold it in place with a small piece of tape. I know its of no help but I am bored again lol.


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