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Zero Edge Nano Coldwater Tank


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Yeah I got bored, so I built a nano zero edge coldwater tank to throw some tidepool stuff in. Funny thing is I had everything to do it just sitting in my garage (laugh)


Eventually I'll hook in an Iceprobe into the bottom sump, but for the time being it'll have room temp water with only tidepool inverts and some algae in it.



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I am going to put Moonglow Anemones(Anthopleura artemisia) and Sitka Shrimp(Heptacarpus sitchensis) in there. Both of which have an amazing amount of color variations found along our coast line, but are both too small for me to really keep in my larger aquarium.


Maybe some really tiny hermits and other small inverts.


I also got the upper edges sanded and rounded off. Just gotta borrow my neighbors torch and flame polish them now.

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