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must sell 120 and 55


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Frist off it is sad to say its got to go

I have a 120 all glas tank with stand 60 x 18 x20 asking 300

Has bin used foe fw forthe last 2 years no lights or sump

I have to re home all fish frist but will b redy by next Monday

Also have a 55 reef with 90 lb of lr 20 lb of lace rock bace 400 wat mh and vho 2x110 work horse 8 balist 15 gallon in line skimer sump with a mdi slide out and a small fuge compartment a quiet one retern pump not eaven a mounth ould 1012 gph a phos ban reactor with a max jet 900 runing it

A hot 350 canester for cabron 1 new max jet 1200 and a mod maxjet 1200 about 50 lb of cc ls mix

And a 10 gallon qt tank 13 lb lr and a small hob filter

As far as live stok o 6 line wrass 1 leperd wrass 2 blue chroms 1 bule devl damsel 1 shak gobby 1 red chalis 5x6 1 watrewellon small 5 I. 1 lava 3 I. 1 tree mummy 2 I. 3 typs of acan 1 lord red 10 plops lord red and grenn 4 plopsand 3 indo blue. 3 plop 3 plop and 2 plop . 1 blasto musa red and green 5 plops 1 acan acanata 8 plols very small .3 favas red and green 1blue and green and 1 green blue and green asorted rica 3 adults 2 babey 2 yuma 1 green 1 blue and red 1 hammer 3 heads 1some starr polps 1 black sun 40 heds 1 dendra 3 and 5 babys will post pic later I am post ing frome my phone asking this has bin my pride and joy fore the last year I wish I could take it with me asking 800th_2011-08-14_12-54-30_175.jpg2011-04-28162815-1.jpg2010-06-27210941.jpg2010-09-19094039.jpg1295754187216.jpg2011-09-07_21-23-48_426.jpg2011-09-07_21-23-48_426.jpg2011-09-07_21-23-39_377.jpg2011-08-18_21-37-35_128.jpg

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