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Suggestions on frag tank


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I was thinking of making a frag tank out of a Piece of Lexan I have (bottom only). The piece is 3/4"x43"x46". I was thinking of cutting it down to 30"x46" and using it for the bottom. Now for my question. I would use the Lexan for the bottom and get some sides (Cast Acrylic) cut to fit 12" high. Can I bond regular Acrylic to Lexan and what compound would be best? Was hoping not to add bracing? Any suggestions appreciated.




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I cant believe how clear you managed to get that piece' date=' looks good........Jon[/quote']


Good to see you here Jon. ;) I had to soak it for two days in vinegar water to get the paper off. I want to make a frag tank out of it but not getting very far. Some say Polycarbonate and acrylic don't mix well. so I was hoping someone had some personal experience . Hint Hint! Would be a shame to cut this piece up.


Here is how it looks wet. Clear



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Hey guys !!! I work with acrylic building dumps and some frag tanks on a side when I have time. Iam not sire if u can mix them together. I would call tap plastic 5032300770 they will know for sure! They are great at letting u know about acrylic and otter plastics. How big of a frag tank you want over all.




I am here: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=45.690606,-122.623162

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