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Tank Sell Off


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I don't have the time for the hobby right now... :(


I would greatly prefer to sell it all in one lump.


Basically everything is going in the tank except tank hardware (ie. heaters, pumps etc)


2x Tank Bred Ocellaris (med ~2.5in)

1x Hi Fin Red branded Goby (Med ~1.5in)

3x Blue/Green Chromis (Med Large ~2, and 3in)

1x Blue Hippo Tang (Medium 4in)


2x Peppermint Shrimp (possibly only one, they like to hide)

1x Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (Larger ~ 2in)

1x Fire Shrimp (large ~2in)


1x Emerald Crap (Large ~2in)

1x Sally Light Foot (Large 2in)

1x Hermit or two.


2x Sebae Anemones (I think is what they are, can't remember)


Several different Soft corals, Don't know all the names, but lots of Polyps.


and ~175lbs of Rock


The bad news is I have Aipatasia and Majano.


I think $300 is very fair, but shoot me an offer.






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