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sps Frags for sale


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I have three well healed and growing frags for sale. I have tried to take good pictures but with LEDs its tought:

1. two pocillopora frags ($15 each): one is in the picture and the second is hidden behind the first on.

Pic from the side:



Pic from the front:



Here is the mother colony:


Frags look different from the colony, again, my skills of taking pictures and LED lighting DOH!


2. Red Montipora Digitata ($15): Once again, the frag is in the back, a healthy frag with great polyp extention! Picture is slightly out of focus!



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Also the first one looks like a green birdsnest and not so much like a pocillipora. Nice corals anyway!




It was sold to me as Pocillipora and I do think it is correct (I also checked an image in the google). That said, I'll leave the buyers to make the call what they want to call it (laugh)


For me the rule is, if it looks good, it goes in the tank (laugh)

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