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Montipora's fighting


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Last night after my lights went out, I saw some white slime stuff building up around where my purple rim monti and my red cap monti are touching. A little while later I looking again and I could see what I know to be battle between SPS. This morning, my purple rim has a very small dead spot. I really hope this doesn't continue.

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Exactly what i would assume would happen. I kinda laugh at those 3 monti frags on one plug. In my experience red grows most aggressive followed by green, then purple, i assume it probably has to do with depth and where they come from.


The red will kill purple and use its skeleton to grow even faster, as now it doesnt even really need to make a skeleton base.


I did a few experiements a few years ago with my marine ecology teacher at osu. I even turned a red monti cap frag upside down. Instead of bleaching, it actually reversed its polpys and grew out the back side, no joke, polyps started appearing on the whiter, smoother side, and the upside faded. Finally i ended up with a dome shaped piece of monti instead of a cup shape.

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