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Cottage Grove? Where to stay?


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I will be working in Cottage Grove most of September. Where would you not stay? Looking for an inexpensive place but not a dive. I can find prices online, but can't tell how the place is. Will travel as far as eugene if I need to.

Thanks, Gabe

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I am from Cottage Grove and although there are several hotels ranging from dive's to pretty nice, In all honesty, If I were you, I would stay in a Bed n breakfast type home. Probably the same price as a hotel but MUCH more personal.


http://www.graycatinn.com/index.html is a cute little place.


If you HAVE to stay in a Hotel, I would stay in; (in order of where I would stay first)


1. Best Western

2. Village Green Resort

3. Comfort Inn



If you have any questions about CG, feel free to message me!!


p.s. what work are you doing here?

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