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FS 72gal bowfront tank, stand, hood, lighting, rock, etc.- Hood River


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I'm throwing in the towel on this project and need to sell-off the majority of the system. Other than the items listed as NIB, all were purchased used last summer and all I've done with it is refurbish/refinish the stand and hood. The rock was dry when I got it, and I've been curing it all in a large garbage can for 5+ months. Here's the list:


-72 gallon glass bowfront aquarium

-Custom oak stand and hood (I refinished it in a dark oak finish. Interior painted white, sealed, It looks very nice!)

- 2x175w CoolTouch MH ballast and bulbs. (Sockets wired into the hood)

-2x ?w VHO ballast w/actinic bulbs (Sockets wired into hood)

- CPR CY192 wet-dry sump/skimmer, maxi-jet ph. (with NIB filter media)

- CPR CS150 overflow

- Marineland Tidepool SOS overflow

- SCWD wavemaker


ALL the ABOVE: $450


- ~100lb LR (5mo cured in a FULL, large garbage can) $1.50/lb, or $150 for all the rock and garbage can.


- NIB, Reeflo Dart Snapper Hybrid pump $250

- NIB, Gl**ss-holes overflow kit, model 1500, w/lid and hole saw, etc $100

- NIB, various PVC fittings, Flex-PVC, $40


Please PM me for additional info. and/or pics. Parting this out is open for discussion, but it would make an excellent complete-package-project for somebody wanting to put together a great looking system. I'll leave it here for a couple days, then it all gets listed on CL.



Thanks for looking!


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