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WTB 8x2' Tank


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Looking for something in the ballpark of 240 gallons, or maybe a bit less--has to be 8x2' footprint or similar and has to be acrylic. I don't want anything over 24" tall (hate maintaining tall tanks). This will be a freshwater tank (blasphemous, I know) so I wouldn't need any SW equipment (skimmers, reef lighting, chillers, etc).

Just basically looking for tank, stand, and possibly sump/pump or canisters.


I am looking for something in the $500-600 ballpark, as I can order a new tank from Envision for around $1400 and build a stand, so something like $1200 (like the stuff on craigslist) just doesn't make sense for a used tank when I don't need the extra equipment for my freshwater.


Please let me know if you have something or know anyone who does. I'm in SW Portland.

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