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Breaking down the 29 gal. Corals and equipment for sale.


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To make room for (and help fund) my 90 gal fowlr, I am breaking down the 29. As soon as the corals/fish are gone, the tank, stand, lights will be available.






The equipment:

29 gal tank with black trim and stand and glass tops. This would make a great nano, quarantine or frag tank. Both are in great shape! SOLD!!!!!!!


Halide pendant is a 1 x 250 watt D.E. 20k with 2x65 watt actinic pc's , 8 blue led moonlights, and built in fan. Also in great condition comes with steel cables and yo yos to hang it. Halide bulb is only 2-3 months old(not sure about the age of the actinics). Also comes with 3 extra halide bulbs with about 6 mos use each.





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Dang! I missed out on the tricolor colony! if the person who bought it from you is willing to give a branch for $10.00' date=' please let me know. I just want a small piece that can grow back![/quote']


Breefcase bought it. I told him that you were interested in a frag.


Also, I'll take $25 for the remaining 2 corals, so I can start breaking down the tank.

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