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New fish!


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Yesterday I awoke to my 10" Niger Bichir eel dead in my big cichlid tank (For those who will be confused, it's freshwater). Other than my Oscars, he was my favorite fish. The I had to go to work and look at beautify large fish all day. Aaron pointed out a large (12"+) Lima Shovelnose catfish, and said that I could take it home for $25 (he was trying to sell it for much more than that). So, here's my bichir eel's replacement:





Just because the water isn't salty, doesn't mean the fish aren't pretty.



I wasn't sure if this should be in the Show off section or Out of Bounds, but someone can move it if they need to.

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I LOVE LIMA's!!! That is awesome! I am a big catfish guy, before I dove into Reefs I had Tiger Shovelnose, Limas, Redtail Cat, Bichirs, Jardini Arowana, basically everything that got WAY to big for me, my favorite was the Red Tails, they where like puppy dogs and would eat out of my hand...Love catfish! Congrats on the new addition!


Is that an Electric Blue Dempsey comming into the first pic?


Another one of my favorites WAY back in the day was the Alligator Gars, but you can't get them anymore...

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