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Lighting for Sale MH/VHO


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Everything works great but will need to be wired up again.


First up is a VHO set up. Comes with 2 ballasts and all the end caps to run 4x110watt VHOs. Just needs to be wired up again. Also have 4 bulbs to throw in. I think one is dead but comes with 2 working 46.5" 110watt Actinics and one 3 month old 48" 454. $110 for everything


Metal Halides

Have 2x 250w ARO electronic ballasts with black HQI relfectors. Comes with working 20k bulbs but I would want to replace them soon. Ballasts with run either DE bulbs or mogul based bulbs.




One 250w electronic Icecap ballast with Larger wind reflector. Will run either Single sended bulbs or Double ended bulbs. Wired it up but decided not to use it. Tested it with a 250w bulb, but the reflector should work for 400w MH also. Maybe even 600w MH? Can also include a "new" (ran for 3 min to test) 250w MH bulb. 6500k Bulb is a little yellow for saltwater tanks, but would be good for plants I guess. Or would work for saltwater if you have bright actinics.



Will do all the MH lighting for $250 is someone wants it all.



Sorry, no trades this time.


Can deliver to Portland areas.

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