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My First Corals


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Hi all, I have a few questions. But first Ill get the chemical make up of my water out of the way. PH 8.3, Alkalinity 10.5 (working on bringing it down), Calcium is at 550, Nitrate is at 3.5(doing water changes weekly), Nitrites is at 0, Salinity is at 1.0245(ish), Ammonia is at 0, Temp is at 76 +/- 3. Well do to some issues that I had with a new sump I received my first 3 Softies for free. I am right at the Salinity of the LFS. Tank is currently 22 Days old. Cycled arount day 15.


1: Is it required to Dip your corals from a local fish store?

2: Iodine is it recommended to does it daily/weekly/monthly?

3: Any other help or advice would be welcome.



Thanks, Nathan

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1. Required no, but HIGHLY recommended.

2. Also not required, I add 1 drop of lugol's solution to my tank most days (I am only human and tend to forget from time to time) and my lps and zoas seem to be happy. If you are concerned then you can pick up an iodine test kit to check your levels.

3. Sounds like you are on the right track, just remember that reefing is like driving, the faster you go, the harder you can crash. Take your time and things will go smoother, and don't forget the routine maintenance ie. water changes.


Congratulations on the new corals.

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